“A little bit speakeasy, a little bit supper club and definitely unique…”

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Kick Figure: Dinner Party Atlanta Gets into the Kickball Game

UrbanDaddy, May 28, 2014

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Dinner Party Go Kickball league 2014

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It’s been four years since this quirky culinary madness all began—a concept born with a simple, straightforward, five-course dinner at a friend’s home in Midtown Atlanta. A year later, in Piedmont Park, we served 200 adventurous gourmands and sported five talented chefs from around the city and made our mark. We’ve hosted dinners center court at Georgia Tech’s Alexander Memorial Coliseum and in a private airplane hangar between two jets. People actually take a blind bet on the evening and show up. Much to our delight, we are still on the go. The unique appeal of Dinner Party is not only the element of surprise (you won’t know the location until the day of the dinner), but the talent that supports it. Renowned chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, servers and musical talent come together to make each dinner unique. We seek out esoteric locations around the city and create a one-night-only dining experience. We want folks to feel as though they are in a restaurant, one with four walls (although we’ve worked with three or none), plumbing and electricity (also worked with none)—yet there’s a catch: our “restaurant” opens up that morning and closes at the end of the evening. It’s wrapped up, packed up and we’re on to the next one. As each is unique, guests leave knowing that the evening was their own personal experience. They now have bragging rights: “I had an amazing dinner there”; or, in “that building”; or, on the “top of that building.” You’ll never know where (in advance), but once you arrive, it’s certain; we will greet you with an amazing cocktail and serve you extraordinary food and wine that we hope you’ll remember for some time to come. So, you fans of innovative cuisine who are looking to step out of your traditional culinary comfort zone for an evening, come join the Dinner Party. “A little bit speakeasy, a little bit supper club and definitely unique.” We agree…

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